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1 early days is designed -- 2 main body are torn open change -- 3 water and electricity are transformed -- 4 carpentry -- 5 patch block -- 6 brush metope paint -- 7 hutch defend condole top -- 8 ambry are installed -- 9 Mumenan is installed -- 10 floors are installed -- 11 shops paper -- 12 radiator

Decorate, finish according to this 20 paces roughly. Below, fighting to death use up me the biggest can, the attention needs in decorating process and whole process a lot of detail that knows me at present is elaborated in detail as far as possible...

One, decorate whole process 20 link are analytic

(one) early days design
It is to build likewise, the distinction of person and bee depends on, of the bee make the report that is instinct, and before the person is being built, conception and framework can be formed above all in brain. So, if compare domestic outfit into a battle, so the early days design that the home installs is this battle " fight plan " , be an outfit " incorporeal link " . Again so, fighting to death going up piece " Tang Liang is made " in piece those who tell about is the issue that early days design needs to notice, did not repeat here.

In early days design, must want a thing that do, that is opposite namely oneself room undertakes be metricaled in detail, everybody does not make lazy, had better measure personally, metrical content basically includes:
1, the area that decorates a process clearly to involve. Especially patch block area, metope lacquer area, wallpaper area, floor area;
2, dimension of clear and main metope. Need to devise the metope measure that puts furniture later especially.

I remember my home section chief following me finally according to " produce an amount actually " settle accounts lays a brick when total money, the area that the area ratio myself that he measures measures became much 10 smooth rice, I am true at that time it is to find both funny and annoying. After remeasure, section chief has answered body rebuke bricklaying to say: "How are you measured? ! " this also is why the reason that I suggest him everybody is measured. Like decorating a lot of places to follow local principle -- do not understand very much certainly on our mouth, but in the heart must know exactly about sth.

Suitable path reminds everybody, do not forget before start working go formalities of property conduction start working, hand in decorate cash pledge.

(2) main body is torn open change
Enter construction phase, main body is torn open changing is most a project that goes up first, basically include to tear open skin of wall of wall, build by laying bricks or stones, shovel wall, tear open window of the central heating, steel that change model etc. Main body is torn open change spoken parts in an opera, put up the frame of building site first first namely come.

(3) water and electricity is transformed
Before road of water and electricity is transformed, main body structure is torn open change should finish basically. Be transformed in water and electricity and main body is torn open change these two link between, a few classmates may know, still should undertake the first time of ambry is measured. Actually first time of so called ambry measures without what actual content, because metope and ground do not have processing, ambry stylist gives the design that issues put oneself in another's position impossibly measure, and just sail upstream with respect to what develop business obligate the position of electrical outlet of machine of mouth, lampblack, offer a few relevant proposals. Basically include:
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