Household and greenery
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... before two days I look " small palm of polished glutinous rice child " the flowers picture that the classmate uploaded to just be bought one group, among them a piece of Bostonian brake is put in the photograph of toilet. I sent fenestella to hint she: Toilet humidity is too heavy, if have shower bath again, many vapor does not suit floral to grow. If the plant must be put in toilet, also should notice every other 3 days two to want to take the plant " breathe freely fully " ...

Because,perhaps be south outside the window there not quite the cause of not small grove, feel the mosquito this year and fly compare in former years " gemmiparous " early, had remembered be over year before long the blowfly that I discovered a joy in corridor, feel at that time very questioningly, because of at that time I still am wearing heat preservation underwear. I eat barbecue later, just put not carefully into a fly into the door, I am busy of incessantly say with host: "Is there flyswatter? " old elder brother tells with me: "Want what flyswatter, fool died a little while frowzily in the study. " I at that time " with a bang become " ... continue later " with a bang become " , because I discover myself,also is stifle inside the home (and or it is starved to death) fly. So, eventually resolved buy greenery.

I was located in those who go up to connect mansion to establish market of water bridge flowers by the side of domestic Ford yesterday, finished " plan " several weeks " green plant purchases a plan " . About the experience of greenery, is before I decide to buy do not have. I passed much square channel to consult as far as possible later a few materials that concern, still let " small leaf 105 " the link that the classmate gave me to send their village to discuss greenery. When neighbour came to my home help my transplanting aloe yesterday, suitable also path is flying I am signed on illegible two pages purchase a plan. Fighting to death below me recent " achievement " report with classmates.

One, common indoor pollution
Actually any decorating can have indoor pollution, distinction is weight only is different. I say a few the commonnest indoor pollution simply here, namely everybody familiar to the ear can the formaldehyde of detailed, benzene and radon:
(one) formaldehyde
Basically come from joinery board (also make big core board) , emulsioni paint. Classmates should reduce carpentry work as far as possible when decorate, main purpose is to decrease greatly the dosage of core board; I at the outset total paper also is to reduce the dosage of emulsioni paint.
(2) benzene
Basically come from coating. Remember be in early " Tang Liang is made " (2) inside, I had suggested everybody is multi-purpose coating of ability in swimming. Home of a lot of classmates brushs Qi Dou now is a house a color, not proper, because coloured coating is medium the content of benzene is higher, will tell from environmental protection angle, still be inferior to 4 white be born.
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