How to build relaxed the dining-room environment of happy person?
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Civilian it is a day in order to feed, dining-room is the place of family have dinner, also be the place of entertainment fete close friends, in the meantime, dining-room also can regard family friends as the place of card games of hemp of party recreation, rub. The place of dining-room is very prominent in the position of hall, decorating on have the characteristic with distinctive itself. Dining-room reflected life quality of the family, successful dining-room designs favourable geographical position of the should greatest strength to use a space, having reasonable position, can build give a kind relaxed of happy person dine environment.

Common dining-room form has 3 kinds: With the dining-room with amalgamative kitchen, with the dining-room with amalgamative sitting room, independent dining-room. With the dining-room with amalgamative kitchen, the space is a few larger, can match desk and chair of on a few folding, so that use a space adequately. How to decorate no matter, cannot affect the cook activity of kitchen space, also cannot destroy dine dimensional atmosphere. The dining-room that incorporates with the sitting room is better decorate, the dining-room of this kind of pattern decorates sex of sexual overweight function, with beautiful give priority to, at the same time here advocate the space is a sitting room, of dining-room decorate style to must be united with the sitting room, otherwise two conjoint spaces can give a person sense of a kind of incongruous. The dining-room that above incorporates two kinds with other space exists an issue that separates a form, it is half open mode and open mode according to cutting off a form to be able to be divided. With wear desk of ark, luncheonette and the mouth giving food partition that open partly for nothing fully, it is optimal and the design that suits average household again, so OK utmost favourable geographical position uses a space, deliver meal quickly, common design is one is connected outside workbench slightly a bit shorter luncheonette desk. What need an attention nevertheless is, be in narrow in very not capacious space, arrest the set back of the line of sight as far as possible, so that give a person a kind of capacious and bright sense. The partition of dining-room and sitting room can use artistic partition, make great efforts more on modelling. The family with more to guest or more population, best the dining room that can have an independence, place in order to stand by kitchen, sitting room most appropriate, with dining conveniently.

The colour design of dining-room is very important, use orange department and maize department to be moved for mass-tone commonly, this kind of subdued color fastens what can highlight warmth not only to dine atmosphere, improve the sentiment of diner, and still can have appetitive effect, avoid too exciting color. If with orange red, tangerine gives priority to color to move, local or adorn article match with shallow the quietly elegant such as yellow, white is lively tonal.
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