Express delivery is distinguished with what aviation carries quickly
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The aviation of prep above of sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of express delivery carries quickly, freight rate is more than aviation to carry quickly, money amount is less than aviation to carry quickly.
The carriage means of express delivery is stereo type, can be aviation, railroad, highway, waterage, goods is current distribute area extensive, through 2 class, 3 class station change trains, cent is dialed. Goods is distributed can reach village. Although express carry consummate this low, goods also can be distributed in time end, but because goods is current intermediate link grow in quantity, safety factor carries quickly under aviation.
The carriage means that aviation carries quickly can be only: Aviation. Goods is current distribute the urban district with two to give priority to. Need what change trains of 2 class, 3 class, cent dials to distribute area, arrive directly with motor transportation commonly distribute give priority to, do not undertake change trains. 2 Cheng carriage cost is relative taller. Suit predominent goods, brittle article etc run.

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