The origin that content sheds
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"Distribution " one word appears the earliest an United States. A is strange 1921. Desolate is in " the market is current a certain number of medium problems " (Some Problem In Market Distribution) put forward in one book " content shedding is an issue that needs to differ with creation " , mention " the move of space of the occasional when goods and materials is passed, can produce additional value " . Here, what Market Distribution points to is business shedding; The content that what the move of time and space points to is sale process flows. In the the First World War 1918, a feudal title of nobility conferred for meritorious service established the Lifeihamu of the Buddha in British You Ni " Inc. of instant deliver goods " . Its company purpose is to be in inside countrywide limits in the hand that sends jobber, shopkeeper and user in time goods, this with one action moves learned man be driftinged by a few content praise to concern " the inchoate document account of content shedding activity " .

At the beginning of 30 time, in a fundamental schoolbook about market sale, begin to involve content shedding to carry, goods and materials stores the objective that waits for business is supplied (Physical Supply) this one noun, this book is market sale definition " the objective that affects move of product neon power and product is current activity " . Here, says droit move is to show business flows; Objective is current it is to show content flows. 1935, american sale association is opposite the earliest content inpour went to define: "Content flows (Physical Distribution) it is to include at selling the Wu of corporeal data kimono in, with flow to consumptive place from crude place of production a variety of activities that accompany in the process " .

Afore-mentioned histories are considered as the inchoate level that content spreads generally by content shedding bound. Japan began to use content to shed this one concept 1964. This flows in use content predicate previously, japan each business that concerns with commodity substance, a general designation is " current technology " . Japanese made 1956 sexual cadre is expedited " current technology is special investigation group " , teach Yuyezhengxiong to wait for a 7 people to go to the United States making an on-the-spot investigation by university of early rice cropland, cleared up Japan to be called before " current technology " content, be equivalent to the United States be called " Physical Distribution " (objective allocation) content, from now on current technology the abbreviation according to the United States, be called " · of P · D " , "· of P · D " this term got extensive use. 1964, the Five-Year Plan in cabinet of Japanese pool cropland makes group Campagna speak of " · of P · D " say when this one term, "Than rising, be called ' · of P · D ' be inferior to be called ' of content current ' better. " 1965, japan is used formally in governmental document " of content current " this term, abbreviation is " content flows " .
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