Content sheds 3 gist element of the system
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Content sheds functional element of the system: Those who point to is the primary capacity that place of content shedding system has, these basic ability effectively combination, coupling is together, became the general function that content sheds, realize content effectively to shed systematic catalogue. The functional element of content shedding system thinks to carry commonly, store custodial, pack; Assemble and unassemble carry, current treatment, deserve to send, content shedding information.  

Content sheds the element of the system that prop up: With the system build need to have a lot of mediums that prop up, in be in complex socioeconomy system especially, want to decide content sheds systematic position, should coordinate concern with other system, these element are essential. Basically include: System, system; Law, regulations; Administration, command and standardization system.  

Content sheds element of foundation of goods and materials: Of content shedding system build and move, need has medium of many technology equipment, the organic connection of these methods moves to what content sheds a system have decision sense. These element flow to realizing thing and the function of some respect also is indispensable. Element basically has: ① content sheds establishment; ② content sorts equipment; ③ content sheds a tool; ④ IT and network; ⑤ organization reachs management.