Common sense of exercise of container cargo case
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The spot case of container cargo of common sense of exercise of container cargo case works, have 3 kinds of methods normally: A, use manpower case entirely; B, the type that use fork assembles unload from a vehicle (the forklift) move into caboodle of manpower of the reoccupy inside box to install; C, use mechanical case entirely, be like goods board (tray) goods installs unload in the caboodle inside box with forked type. In these 3 kinds of means, the 3rd kind of method is the best, assemble and unassemble rate is top, produce accident of damage of goods least. But although use mechanical case entirely, when lading if ignored goods,character is mixed the condition that pack, or because the operation is undeserved,wait for a reason, often also can produce accident of damage of goods, the container that lades in inland area especially, as a result of case person not the condition of the container when understanding is seaborne, its stowage does not accord with seaborne requirement normally, cause the happening of accident of damage of goods thereby, this kind of example is very much. Induce the item that the attention answers when container goods case now list as follows, offer case ginseng to take an examination of.

  1. When goods case, the weight of content of loading of the place inside the box below any circumstances cannot exceed the biggest load of container, the weight of the biggest shipment of container is subtracted by the gross weight of container of container self-prossessed get; Gross weight and self-prossessed and general mark is on the box door of container;

  2. The unit unit weight of every container is certain, because this is like,lade inside box when a kind of goods, want to know goods density only, can concluding is deadweight or light goods. What goods density is more than the unit unit weight of box is deadweight, laded goods is calculated with weight, conversely what goods density is less than the unit unit weight of box is light goods, laded goods is calculated with cubage. Reach time zone to divide these two kinds of different situations, it is very important to improving case efficiency;

  3. When lading, should make the bear on one's store of valuables is balanced, the bear inside box must not slant at one aspect of the matter or a side, should prohibit strictly losing loading heart to slant especially the circumstance in one aspect of the matter;
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