Content sheds basic idea
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The notional content of 1. content: In content shedding " content " the concept is to show everything can have the corporeal data with physical sex mobile position. Indicate in content shedding " content " a important characteristic, it is its must can produce physical sex displacement, and the frame of reference of this one displacement is the earth. Accordingly, secured establishment, not be the target that content shedding should study.  

Goods and materials: Our country points to manufacturing data only, sometimes also be used in a general sense is overall corporeal data, more show industrial product produces a material. Its and content flow in " content " distinction at, "Goods and materials " in contain the manufacturing material that cannot produce physical sex displacement partly quite, this one part does not belong to content to shed the category that learns research, build establishment, land to wait for example. Additional, belong to content to shed all sorts of means of subsistence of the object, cannot include again be in what understand as manufacturing data " goods and materials " in the concept.  

Stock: It is one of domain of our country production special concept. Manufacturing company is used to end item besides, all material that in production the domain is on the move (no matter its come from manufacturing data or means of subsistence) , fuel, component, semi-manufactured goods, cooperation part and the margin that in producing a course, generate necessarily, horn, more than makings, flotsam reachs all sorts of trash a general designation to be " stock " .  

Goods: It is one of carriage domain of our country traffic special concept. Traffic carries the object branch that the domain manages his to be two kinds big, one kind is a person, one kind is content, except the person, "Content " this kind of a general designation is goods.  

Commodity: Commodity learns with content shedding " content " the idea is included each other. Everything in commodity can produce the corporeal substance of content reason displacement, also altogether in commodity namely have can move of element and corporeal substance element, be content shedding research " content " , one part commodity does not belong to this. Accordingly content shedding learns " content " it is commodity likely, commodity of possible also dispute. Commodity substance is content only in flowing " content " one part.  

Article: It is a concept with commonly used domain of production, office, life, in producing a field, point to commonly do not enter manufacturing process, do not enter product substance, and use in the domain such as management, administration, logistics, education only related to production or the material that has nothing to do completely sometimes is hypostatic; In office production domain criterion generally refer to and office, life consumes all concerned thing. In these domains, content sheds the place in learning to approve " content " , it is the article that weighs normally.  
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