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Chengdu: Millennium trees give way to move the railway Bada
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Qingfeng Township Pingchang Han village, stands a thousand years old Ficus virens. Although the wind and rain over thousands of years, but it still flourish, thriving, local residents affectionately call it the "father of the tree." Now under construction in the bar (middle) of (State) Railway to pass through here, trees were forced to move. Huaxi Dushi Bao, a reporter learned yesterday from the forestry sector Pyeongchang, trees transplantation has been approved by higher authorities, two transplant programs are developed, the whole project will cost about 25 million. Millennium trees roots can do bench Yesterday morning, reporters in the Han Qingfeng Village, Lishui Town, saw the tree on the ridge of trees, the crown started more than 100 square feet, trunk Qiu Jin, seven or eight adults need to encircle, roots extend 30 meters away. Trees at a distance of more than 200 meters away, more than 30 families live, said a villager surnamed Feng, a few years ago, a tree root string to his kitchen, dug under the roots in the kitchen, diameter more than 60 cm, he used the roots and made a bench. Wind and rain over thousands of years, generations of villagers and the trees formed a deep friendship, and they affectionately called "the father tree." Circulating a local custom, many villagers will receive their own children set off firecrackers under the trees, and bowed to the child, "thanks to send" to the trees, the children's healthy growth will be disease-free pain. Every New Year's Eve to the first day, the sound of firecrackers continue under the old tree, a lot of people come here especially for carrying on this ancient and solemn ceremonies. 25 million new house to make way rail According to White Forest Natural Forest Protection Station of Pingchang Chen Dazhi introduced by the research, has been for thousands of years old trees, trunk diameter of 7.5 meters. 60s of last century, the crown of old trees nearly 2 acres of developed area, hundreds of people have poured in vain to meet the rain under a tree, then the crown were cut down as part of a child under a tree playing with fire cause fire, despite timely saves, but some middle, or burned tree trunk was empty. In recent years, trees revitalized, October 2000, the registration of listed Pingchang government protection. Today, the railway is under construction Bada encroaching upon the trees from far and near. Chen Dazhi said trees impartial, right in the railway line, if you want to avoid it, the railway must be outside the 20 km diversion. So the final program is for transplantation of old trees, the local villagers are Unforgettable, do not want to leave their native land, but to local economic development, the final 50 meters to it to find a new home. "Very difficult to transplant, one volume is too large old trees, with a total weight of more than 130 tons; the second is the growth in the shale above, adding to the difficulty." Chenda Zhi said. Pingchang forestry sector after several on-site inspection, the development of the two options: First, the longitudinal split into three trees from head to toe, and then joined together planting; second set orbit, the hollow trunk of some drugs treatment, then fixed with steel, large trunk lifting machinery will be fixed in the orbit shift. Comparing the two, the former operations too difficult, which is more feasible. The whole project is estimated to cost nearly 25 million. Currently, transplant programs have reported the forestry sector and railway construction side, after consultation with the two sides can be implemented.