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Football Association fear of severe punishment at home in Chengdu "move" the ul
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S Volleyball fans attacked the visiting team players about the incident settled. After two rounds of investigations and hearings, the Football Association disciplinary committee decided to temporarily move into a full home, and a fine of 5 million. There are indications that the nature of the arena football hooligan violence has aroused great attention football, fans outside the arenas of violence against the horn is sounded. Last weekend, a small force of Chengdu Division on behalf of any further petitions to the Football Association executives, detailing the incident, emphasizing that the incident had occurred outside the court, after the Division actively seized of the matter in Chengdu, approved by the Disciplinary Committee. Disciplinary committee punished the original study has three options, the most important qualification is to cancel the stadium home, followed by migration of home, and finally a double for the Sports Center is still home, but not allowed to approach the fans watch the games. It is reported that the Disciplinary Committee has decided to take the second set of programs, this season Hill Classic 22 to 26 league games, Sheffield United moved out of the double home stadium, choose another race other stadium, while a fine of 5 million. This punishment in 2000 and the national football stadium in Xi'an similar penalties club. It is understood that the club has an initial Sheffield United moved into the home stadium of Dujiangyan. If nothing else, the Disciplinary Committee will be formally announced on Tuesday the punishment.