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Savings deposits savings deposits of residents moving in October decreased 9.5
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This year, the city people's savings to a second "big move" --- yesterday, from the People's Bank of Chongqing, said the news business management department, and 10 months, the city's financial institutions, savings deposits declined by 9.521 billion yuan RMB, up by more than reduce 3.994 billion yuan. Savings deposits from the point of view, a "fixed-double down" situation. Among them, the current reduction of 7.424 billion yuan monthly savings, regular savings reduce the 2.098 billion yuan. The main reason for the decline in savings deposits, business management department of Chongqing, mainly the recent stock market rebound, coupled with October Fall Housing Fair held in the city, the diversion of part of their savings deposits. Savings deposits, show household savings is moving, the direction of asset allocation residents gradually clear. October, the Shanghai index rose more than 15%, the biggest increase since January this year. Therefore, insiders believe that this also led to the stock of household savings deposits, funds transfer of enthusiasm. China Securities Depository and Clearing Limited data show that in October, the stock market reached 1.173 million new accounts, compared with September the number of new accounts increased by 157,000. In addition, the October new fund accounts, 21.9 million, compared with September increased by 3.4 million. Enterprise deposits a "living by setting down" phenomenon. October, enterprises will be demand deposits of RMB 3.638 billion yuan, 3.525 billion yuan corporate deposits decreased the month. Business Management Department of Chongqing, "scheduled to drop live by," First, as commercial bank loans are mostly derived from deposits, demand deposits, the second is the National Day holiday, the business gradually maturity deposits, demand deposits less time deposits increased to promote .