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Chengdu ant Group unified national service hotline comprehensive upgrade
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Such a business are started with "the courage to make small, low-profit is a map" to motivate themselves, in the development process used "service is provided by Seeing, flash in the subtle" to constantly remind ourselves today, it is more to "has been imitated, never to be beyond" the despot reveals his brilliant achievements. It is the leading enterprise of domestic moving - Chengdu ant group. 96 years from its inception, the Group completed a year of Chengdu ant created by the standing of the "Decade of the system" model of the first stage - the basis of accumulation. From 6 employees and a capital to start the car has now set up in 16 provinces and cities molecules company, with nearly 3,000 vehicles, more than five thousand employees of the company. In the exploration and development of the road, Chengdu ant Group for better management of staff, standardizing operations, unification staff dress and transport vehicles, so that the distinctive image of the ants deep impression in people's eyes and mind. In every service in every moment, you can see the ocean of vibrant blue and bright yellow and white ants and the vehicle in front of customers. From start to finish moving, all reflect the ant Group strict paramilitary style of management. In the brand on the road, Chengdu ant Group will not only have passed the registration of enterprises were well-known trademark trademark application, but also to upgrade the nationwide free service hotline, the 4006--818181 as a unified business consulting and booking telephone. Corporate image in the distillation of more consumers, while providing a convenient and reliable service and strict order of regular industry, effectively suppressed the market impostors, the phenomenon of tort law, the better the brand provides a strong support to enhance and security. With this standardization is the management mechanism and the hard attitude of service, Chengdu ant group spirit with integrity and courage as the base power move the achievements of the well-known Albert, became the ace of consumers corporate reputation. In the future development of the road, the ants will take people-oriented business do the faith will move apex.