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Large busy moving tens of billions of speculative funds into the stock market m
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Big focus on the flagship sales office in Shenzhen Since the National Day, A significant increase in stock trading volume, and single-day record high of 480 billion yuan of turnover. Zhu Shen number of overseas business department sales brokerage business leader said that this part of the turnover from the new account does not Money but big money supplementary assets and stock positions improved. The average household assets, focused on large flagship store in Shenzhen, a local brokerage. Reporter visited a number of brokerage sales department found that 10 since May, Guoxin Securities TaiRan Road business department and business department of China Merchants Securities and other brokerage Yi Tian Road, transaction volume growth of over half of the flagship store. Business department, according to two related parties Revealed that two customers from the business department of the real estate market shifted to the stock market funds totaling a little over 10 million. The number of journalists in the Shenzhen securities business department survey found that since October, a large property in the transfer of assets to customers from the huge amount of money. Preliminary statistics from the Shenzhen property market broker new business department Total capital increased more than 100 billion yuan. Large have Qifangzhuigu Assets over 5,000 million, a Mr. Wang said, her friends focus on the recent topic of discussion: the future of capital stock and how to adjust the real estate market? Mr. Wang concluded that: "the need to further adjust the investment portfolio, investing in real estate funds should be further reduced." In fact, the same as Mr. Wang, the investment portfolio including real estate assets and equity assets Large minority. "Has done two things after the National Day, one will be used to invest in real estate all the liquidity into the stock market, and second, low-cost listing in the transfer of 5 2 sets of a house." China Merchants Securities, said a big asset. Yi Tian Road, China Merchants Securities investment adviser, who declined to be named, said the purchase of copy number of real estate, real estate tax introduced, such as lending and deposit interest rates cause large portfolio of assets is changing, abandoned housing stock is to recover Trend. China Merchants Securities, said the investment adviser, the Ministry of the business assets of tens of millions of customers are generally large and private assets, the recent large part of the assets in the stock account over half the amount of additional funds, the stock position to enhance rapid . A more than 10 billion of assets under management, general manager of private equity firms, said the property market to attract money effect is indeed a major factor in capital. To make money in stocks and the company's customers have many properties listed for sale price, There are even customers mortgage financing to the industrial capital stock. Assets is expected to be tens of millions of the recent wave of large abandoned house chasing stocks trend. Right now more and more prosperous stock market, some investors to put money into the stock market quietly from the property. Wang Guoxin's VIP clients is, stocks of 10 years, also bit off real estate. He would have smelled the breath of real estate regulation, will be back in August the two sets of idle hands through an intermediary company to sell off real estate, to several million All funds transferred to the stock market. Mr. Wang's idea is simple, he thought the property market, more and more stringent control policies, to sell the house into the stock market is a wise choice. Side is always a big customer of a large brokerage, but also a real estate agency. The end of 2009, he obtained a piece of land in Wuhan, but this year is expected to slow down the progress of construction, basically at the cessation of the current project stage, waiting for Further real estate regulatory policies. Because it is a small real estate business, cash flow is more abundant, there is no better investment in the subject case, the parties will always be part of the money into the stock market. Examples of real estate funds into the stock market and a minority, in addition to some investors will have their own money in the bank quietly into the stock market. Valley aunt in the bank purchase of financial products due by the end of September, she will be all of the assets Fully transferred to your third-party depository account, ready to put into the stock market. Guoxin Securities analysts believe that real estate speculation of funds into the stock market regulation is the direct cause, because the negative regulation of real estate is still expected, most investors choose to wait and see; the other hand is possible in the new The interest rate cycle and the long-term negative effect of property tax, real estate funds are gradually withdraw from speculative real estate investment market, in addition, although the market interest rate, but still negative interest rates, more money into circulation leading real estate speculation Domain.