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Chengdu the most honest moving companies strive to control counterfeit customer
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Extensive and profound Chinese culture, five thousand years of history, not just settling down dynasties, social change, more people, culture and customs of life the people and culture, and "creation " point of view is that people believe a natural and harmonious Feng fully realized. From people in the palaces, villages, residential blocks to the time of site selection, construction method and display a special attention on the principles, you can see the "old times" of the attention.

Also in the Times today, although people who had no stick to old-fashioned, but the emphasis is still on the move moved incessantly, perhaps more reflected in the people business and political body. Is also the name of this slogan, many moving companies shoddy, generalization of the fool consumers. In order to better pursue the interests of unscrupulous businesses and even the name of "ant" to carry out swindling, economic dispute cases have occurred, direct damage to its "most honest moving company in Chengdu," reputation, which is also ant Group All employees are angry.

是可忍孰不可忍, as the most honest moving company in Chengdu - Chengdu ant group in the year-long nationwide survey found that the impostor has been exposed since the event has reached thousands, to handle the complaint telephone and the conflicts and disputes is endless.

To stop the recurrence of similar phenomena, to defend "the integrity of the moving company in Chengdu," reputation, Chengdu ant Group, through much discussion, consensus decision-making, review and launch a unified national free telephone 4006-818181, completely foreclosed fake "ants" deception markets.

Now, no matter which city, which area, as long as the phone call this unity, ant's customer service staff will provide consumers with the greatest enthusiasm provide business consulting, moving appointments and other services, anytime, anywhere to "Relocation Project" a rainy day. Since then, people do not have to worry about being taken in, ant groups are more at ease consumers acceptance of gifts fun of "the most honest moving company in Chengdu" in the world.