Move a factory to move a small key
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(1) how to save move charge?
Should save move charge, want to choose normal remover above all, must not look for street to stick small advertising remover, lest by black. Can seek advice from 2 ~ beforehand 3, it is certain to choose to have from which famous spend or the remover with better reputation. Want ready-made to work next, lest create time or pecuniary waste because of his reason.
(2) how to save move time?
Should save move time, prepare the job to want above all sufficient, take in all and scattered thing case or bale, change 0 to rectify. Next, can ask remover sends some of hand more. Finally, want reasonable arrangement time and route, miss the height that block a car up and the course that block a car up.
(3) how to move most save worry?
What should avoid do sth on a large scale to move is trival, best method is to sell all old homes all and needless every day object, be in new home new purchase all of a home. Although this kind of practice is a little extravagant, but can give you a kind of brand-new feeling.
(4) does need often move how to do?
Some families need to move often as a result of some kind of reason. To this kind of family, had better avoid to buy all of a few big homes, however the equipment that landlord of make the most of supplies. Move to had better not throw away with domestic paper case, in order to have next time reoccupy. Had better not book a few long-term services, if order the service such as newspaper, calm grandma, can avoid a lot of troubles so.
(5) how to prevent article collision?
Must to the personnel demonstrate of remover which case or that article belongs to key protection, possible sentence increases marked label or clew sign on the case; A few brittle article or jewel are tasted best oneself are carried; Control big home appliance personally move put; Some domestic all with very heavy or huge volume (wait like cabinet, piano) should look for a few workers carry more, and somebody is directed by; Brittle or be afraid that the article that press should put uppermost limit, assemble a car finally, most first discharging; Corridor of a little old building is more long and narrow, and often stack is sundry, want to be careful not to come up against the thing of adjacent home.

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