The family removes note
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1.Move all that day involving the institute learns to be versed in group controller and class counsellor all answer to be coordinated in the spot remove process.

2.Remove process requirement is rapid, orderly, ask each institute to be abided by strictly remove the unified arrangement that leads a group.

3.Every courtyard department should have a total curator, be in charge of the harmonious matters concerned in moving; All counsellors must reach the designated position.

4.Baggage presses a building (the case that enters Xi Yuan) outfit car, do not be in class to assemble a car by the student.

5.Courtyard department provides a volunteer by oneself, chime of article of the order before be in charge of managing a building, guard aids a schoolgirl to carry baggage.

6.Label must be stuck on every baggage, indicate department of the dormitory, courtyard, full name (student general affairs does Xi Yuan will extend label unites prospectus to give each the courtyard is a counsellor) .

7.Every car must deploy this car to lade the classmate that baggage place belongs to class (other classmate must not enter baggage cabin to follow a car by oneself) , be in charge of the send under escort of baggage and nurse.

8.Bicycle nonfeasance baggage is carried, by processing of classmate proper motion.

9.On July 10 morning, outside removing family expenses car except what learn connection of the Ministry of Works in feudal China, the others car (include car of home of taxi, illicit to wait) uniform forbid to enter Xi Yuan.

10.Round-the-clock on July 10, all baggage are uniform forbid carry to give Xi Yuan.

11.To make sure everybody's belongings is safe, everybody is asked to carry student's identification card to be checked with equipment pass in and out during removing. All valuable are carried please or hold in the palm ahead of schedule put to safe place. All ab extra personnel that include the parent inside do not designate area so that enter.

12.Personnel and article safety should notice when removing, after baggage enters a room, should keep person watch, leave a room to should lock up good door.