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"Ant moves " type peddles smoke to do senior smoke 6 years to peddle be executed
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Hubei saves public security bureau of wide water city and combination of nicotian and monopolistic branch to act, with one action is captured obtain the female suspect Chen Mou that traffics cigarette illegally to be as long as 6 years in this city.

Be in early in January 2000, wide water city is nicotian monopolistic bureau ever was informed against according to masses, proposal value is hunted down in Home Chen Mou of this city more than yuan 36 thousand “ 3 without cigarette ” , old at that time abscond. After this, chen Bing did not collect a hand, undertaking vendition cigarette activity illegally all the time.

This year on April 7, after receiving masses to inform against, police hunts down 171 “ in Home Chen Mou again 3 without ” cigarette, proposal value more than yuan 30 thousand. Cloth of wide water police, nicotian branch accuses, on June 2 before dawn 1 when make seize its.

Occupy Chen Jiao to wait for, she exploits the advantage that the family member is railroad worker, take a few cigarette to sell wide water and circumjacent area every time, adopt “ ant to move of ” commit the crime means is checked with escaping. Because commit the crime frequent, she ever by Wu Tie nicotian and monopolistic bureau has been investigated. Before Chen Mu already by punishment arrest, this proposal still is being dug greatly further in.