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Move in the car crowded one-armed bandit
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Furniture is done not have in the car of remover, replete however one-armed bandit. Yesterday, zhengzhou hands in a policeman to block ” of car of gamble of a “ .
In the morning 11 when 30 minutes, zhengzhou city meets a policeman city of 4 groups canal is in 12 numbers in mouth of rich furniture city gate bars number of a plate is comfort A91419 move car, the car made up 14 one-armed bandit. Differ the policeman is opened punish sheet, the other side shouts: “ can find acquaintance to settle this matter. ” passed a little while, one man is opening a cross-country car to come hurriedly, “ of strong policeman calls bad luck ” : “ I receive junk, this is I break a machine from a few when reclaim over there kin, go back tore open sell loose mail. Police station of short duration smashs this thing also is to take a place. Let me go rapidly, do not delay an issue. ”
After dichotomy bell, the policeman was opened to driver Mei Mou punish sheet. The locomotive one-armed bandit on the car also is built by bureau of moisture content of gold of Zhengzhou city public security bureau of short duration buckles trade district police station. Open the man of cross-country car to rave aloud: He thinks “ buckle let him buckle, later we sue him. ” is current, police is investigating the source of one-armed bandit.