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Move car the spontaneous combustion on 5 annulus
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Yesterday (on May 25) midday, the van of a remover is in north bridge of the Qing Dynasty on 5 annulus on the west spontaneous combustion of 500 meters of place, cab by complete burn down. Two mattess that the driver will pull in time on the car are moved, just did not bring a loss to the client.

Eyewitness bridge gentleman says, influenced his road past the appointed time 11:40, the cab of van is being burned already completely, black smother looks so that see outside one kilometer. “ truck driver is lending fire control equipment put out a fire in car of intercept pass by, somebody is returned to move money downward on the car. ”

Controlled at 12 o'clock, firemen puts out conflagration completely. The cab of van is burned black a remnant a bare outline, vitreous disintegrate, the embryo before two side is burned to explode, the mark on railroad car has “ Beijing Chun Yi to connect move the model of written characters of ” of branch of limited company youth. Roadside of car head ahead is establishing two mattess, the driver says is the goods that lades on the car, be carried to go out when catch fire put in roadside.

Driver suddenly gentleman says, controlled partly at 11 o'clock midday, he has driven to go up when clear bridge, smell suddenly very big benzine flavour, “ feels the condition is abnormal at that time, hurry rightward and line, can have not opened roadside, listen when ‘ phut ’ gives out at the back of cab, fire burns up, I get off rapidly signed up for alarm. Because ” is afraid of burning the mattess that carries on the car, suddenly master and the bearer that are the same as a car use the cut out an engine of fire control equipment on the car, but consumed 3 fire extinguisher on the car, still live without suppress flame, the mattess that 2 people are forced to get on the car is moved, next car of intercept pass by borrows fire extinguisher to continue put out a fire, arrive till firemen.

Midday 12:20, the another van carry away of remover mattess, the van of spontaneous combustion is towed away by clear barrier car.