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Move to steal home appliance to fear to be hit extremely urgent commit suicide
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A thief is home appliance of worker of excuse theft building site with moving by get behind hind, jump into in a flurry unexpectedly inside channel river.
That day afternoon 4 when 15 minutes or so, on building site of arrogant of day of urban flourishing age, a man is met by chance by the worker when carrying TV to wait. When the worker enquires, this man says him to move in the kin to become a worker, but specific it is which worker does not reply to go up however. Abrupt, he drops the TV in the hand to run, immediately jumps into inside channel river.

After the policeman hurries to the spot, call at the same time spread out at the same time search for. After 15 minutes, policeman discovery has a head below nearby bridge drifting, the policeman stretchs his hand instantly accost, this man wades water went, see river water already wided its throat is in only. Because can climb without Shi Ti on river wall, the policeman takes conduit to drag this man instantly to disembark. This man tells a policeman, because be afraid that the ability that be beaten commits suicide hurriedly,oneself are, see the police came ability boost one's courage comes out.

As we have learned, this man last name is tall, sichuan person. Already was sent toward police station of the East China Sea to make further investigation at present.