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Taiwan estate depression is brought about move the industry goes low
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In new network on September 26 electric basis experience of in former years, month of annual ghost of the traditional Chinese calendar (the traditional Chinese calendar will be the folk-custom ghost month inside Taiwan island in July) after be over too, it is normal that Taiwan moves the outstanding achievement of family property to should want regression, but did not pick up this year, outstanding achievement was dropped than anticipating 3 into, the person that course of study moves inside the island expresses, this off-season compare it seems that what come before is long.

According to real estate of Taiwan “ network king ” reports, “ Hua Yang is high grade move bright red development shows ” general manager, estate is stagnant this year, also affect moving amount, a lot of a person of same business express, the ghost month on calendar went, but the outstanding achievement on Zhang face, as poor as ghost month however, less than what anticipate 2 arrive 3 into.

According to experience, bright red development says, normal for every month has 300 performance about, spring Festival of the traditional Chinese calendar and ghost are busy season before the month, outstanding achievement dates greatly many 2 to 3 into, the traditional Chinese calendar July is off-season, have 200 amount only about, and according to manage month saying ghost goes, outstanding achievement should return 300 normal, but did not pick up apparently however this year, spend miscarriage continuously; Now year 520 later, moving amount, also compare in former years to be become less about.

Besides “ quantity ” becomes little, moving “ qualitative ” also appears change, have increasing person from Taipei it is to be moved toward the suburb, resembling is 3 gorge, forest mouth, or the area that is periphery of station of carry of Taipei county close nimble, even some remover, have the law case of half above, it is move outskirts from the urban district, because the house price house of Taipei does not fall high,be, everybody in succession outside the area that moves to go to the lavatory to low-cost, traffic, the hope exchanges a space with time.

Additional, “ sincere taste ” to move to also express, having not little case is from elevator the building is moved toward apartment, and it is to connect furniture to be moved together mostly, the person that this shows moves new home is less, it is mostly change house and not be to buy new house. City of economy, room is stagnant, everybody's state of mind is to be inferior to easily one static, the outstanding achievement of the person that remove family property so also glides accordingly, course of study person also expect, the busy season before the hope spends the New Year is returned to before, cast off as soon as possible low confused boom.