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Wuhan remover van by pilfer, loss 60 thousand
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The small freight car of remover, late night by burglar spirit away, this makes Wuhan common people restful the boss Zhang Mingjun of remover is very anxious.

Zhang Mingjun introduces, he is Han Chuan's person, opened this remover. This year in June, he in highway of fierce prosperous friendship Hu Jiawan hired a house to handle official bussiness. On September 26 midday, driver analogy master drives small freight car a company, stop on the passageway of the doorway together with additionally two van. Eve before dawn 3 when, the wife gets up on toilet, discover 3 van remain two only however.

Zhang Mingjun calls the police immediately, let employee look about, but did not find. The policeman of Xu Dong police station comes subsequently, launch investigation.

Zhang Mingjun says, by pilfer is the white van that a license plate is A98608 of another name for Hubei province, spent in September 2004 60 thousand multivariate buy.