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Move encounter " large rat " eat moon cake stealthily to still take away a souve
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“ moved the home, want to be less than also ask advice a few move the worker's ‘ is fierce ’ : Was to take away our cigarette first, after be forced to admit, took away 30 yuan of my souvenir, cash again, ate apple of box of a moon cake, most stealthily. ” speaks of him move experience, liang Yuan Miss Chen of 3 areas resident is between tears and smiles. Be in and remover for many times bargaining
Hind, the ” souvenir that is taken away by “ already remanded, by
The thing that eat off, remover also promises to granted to be compensated for in order to come recently.
13 days, miss Chen from shut move new residence Liang Yuan 3 areas. After talking about good value with a remover, busy move moves a thing. Arrive after new residence, family is very obliged, busy look for worker of cigarette deal out to smoke.

After opening the bag of a few cigarette, miss Chen discovery had a smoke to disappear, the family looks for worker theory. Begin to be versed in people does not admit, after Miss Chen calls the police, among them a few talents admit cigarette is be worn to smoke by their cent, be willing “ pays ” this smoke cash.

After the worker leaves, the family is busy clear away a thing. The souvenir of a bronze ware that Miss Chen discovers suddenly to he is brought from Xi'an disappeared, and the bag that holds the dress also is turned over random, still stay on a white shirt have many black an impression of the hand; And 30 yuan of money inside another bag also disappeared.

Classics check the amount, a moon cake disappeared, one box apple remains 6 only. “ moved the home, encountered ’ of such rat of large of a gang ‘ how, eat repeatedly belt take, like what appearance? ”

Subsequently, miss Chen has negotiation with remover instantly. Remover is investigated at spreading out interior instantly that evening, that was found to cover a souvenir on body of a worker, send a return at morrow.

“ covers a souvenir to be comprised by 3 bronze ware then, an an ashtray, lighter and goblet of a wine. Wine goblet was done nowadays ‘ an auditive ’ . Miss ” Miss Chen negotiates the thing that is eaten off to should do how with remover again, remover promises to compensate for, but have not cash.

The director king lady of this remover admits: A worker that “ is us took the souvenir of Miss Chen, saying is to look at amused, the worker is really wrong. To the thing that Miss Chen home is eaten off, we also promise to recoup 200 yuan of money. But because celebrate a festival recently, the worker has not returned a company, after preparing Zhou Er to go to work, we talk things over with the worker. If he is willing to compensate for, buckle money compensate to give Miss Chen from his salary; If he does not agree, we hand in him to police station to handle. ”

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