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The business too fire, remover " business subcontract "
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11 ” of “ the golden week appears move hot, a few remover appear to business has not enough time to do and turn to the circumstance of other company, and this often makes in virtually consumer rights and interests is damaged. Yesterday, a few consumer are mirrorred to our newspaper, the remover one-sided that make an appointment turns business to another company, move serve to its in the process dissatisfactory, do not know again how thought fors the time being.

Ms. Zhang lives in An Ruilu so, before paragraph time should move furniture a Yu Bin lake the new home of 7 buildings goes to Ou Mou village. They and famous spend quite tall some remover to agree in the phone, altogether two lorries, car of 200 yuan of / , among them floor price difference car of 50 yuan of / . But press prices, because Ms. Zhang home has elevator, because this needs to pay floor price difference car of 35 yuan of / only, but the other side asks to want overpay 30 yuan. Ms. Zhang also is done not have at that time and remover argy-bargy, put forward to want to had done the business only.

Did not think of to move family belongs day, those who come is a remover, and moving attitude of the worker in the process is curt, mix easily her argy-bargy. In Ms. Zhang insist to fall, the member that move family was moved by original plan.

Think after Ms. Zhang, she asks this remover to move, those who take a fancy to is its service brand, the result moves however below unwitting circumstance by another remover, and service quality is bad, oneself rights and interests is damaged.

In fact, the thing of ” of remover “ substitute one thing for another is not individual phenomenon. Ms. Li that lives in Chong An area says furiously, how can “ greet sb to change ‘ horn ’ ? This is irresponsible to consumer! ” . The personage inside one course of study says, business of the subcontract when remover is busy is course of study inside common phenomenon, also do not have corresponding contract tie.

Personage of city Consumer's Committee thinks, consumer enjoys authority of know the inside story and option, before remover holds Wu of be transferred to civilian work in the palm, did not fulfill tell obligation, enroach on consumer rights and interests. In afore-mentioned circumstances, verbal contract was reached when consumer and remover phone make an appointment, the contract performs a procedure in although be another companies,provide a service, consumer also can serve quality problem and complain, the remover that make an appointment just should assume corresponding responsibility as the contract