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Expert clew: Aquarium must not be put in the bedroom
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Expert clew, if aquarium chooses, put undeserved, not only raise bad fish, still can produce pollution to bedroom environment, affect human body health then.

Very much now person more favour uses pisciculture of aquatic animals box, not only the technology is advanced, still can decorate indoor environment. Show according to market research, at present domestic family has aquatic animals case 25 million above, and the amount that foreign family has aquatic animals case had exceeded 80 million. But those who need an attention is, had better not lying indoor pisciculture, because,this is, the bulk of aquatic animals box is different from general aquarium, the steam that send out is very much, can make indoor humidity increases, cause mould easily, cause biology sex pollution; The pump of aquatic animals box still can produce noise, influence Morpheus.

Expert proposal, had better put aquarium in sitting room or study, here airiness is good, facilitate change water; According to the size of the bedroom, choose aquarium reasonably, do not magnify in the cubby aquarium. If conditional word, still had better not use aquarium or pisciculture of aquatic animals box, tub, made of baked clay basin, or cement pool, no matter be opposite piscine health, for the health that still is a person, it is better choice.