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The furniture of detachable outfit should put a clog less not to want often move
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A few a few a screwdriver, board, screw... want oneself to start work only go all out simply outfit, beautiful, practical store content ark " appear vividly at the moment " . Nowadays, detachable outfit furniture is in the self-help style that promotes result abroad home is faddish rise, to the consumer of young vogue, can resemble " play building blocks " same freedom tears open furniture of outfit, combination, the life also becomes do not have interest one time.

The reporter visited bazaar of a few furniture, in " appropriate home " wait for the discovery in inn many can tear open the furniture of outfit for him consumer, for instance sofa of tea table, cloth art, chest. Go up character from material look, these furniture with metal, plastic and cloth art is given priority to. Consumer needs to come home loose mail carry only, can start work according to him manual go all out installed.

Beijing furniture pledges Luo Xin of check station stationmaster expresses, this kind of detachable furniture that fit pattern was broken through before of frame type furniture secure and inflexible, fill what cent produced a person to envisage a space, came true individuation, practical the household concept that change. Its are the biggest the advantage is to tear open outfit, combination easily, and go to the lavatory carry, still can save save a space. Nevertheless, the design is assembled one kind easily, disassembled furniture is more complex, need solves material choice, easy separative, modular a lot of problem such as the design, accordingly, the modelling of the detachable furniture that fit pattern is at present more onefold. Zhu Changling of vice-chairman of Beijing furniture association expresses, the very much detachable furniture that fit pattern disassembles via rising for many times, reshipment, consumer wants to he starts work and not allow completely easy, although have a manual, in be operated actually, not only installation process makes mistake easily, it is very difficult also that the degree of tightness that the hinge of the door, connection is in is spent hold. So, to assure furniture quality, consumer is best in after service more perfect furniture store is bought.

"The furniture part that can allow consumer to achieve free combination truly often is general, when choosing, should notice hardware especially quality, such ability ensure spell outfit effect. " Zhu Changling suggests, when buy, still should notice to have without manual of form a complete set, relevant spare parts is all ready, plank measure, ply whether up to standard, connection place has without be short of caustic to wait.

"As a result of the reason of technical respect, of furniture of type of on the market a lot of detachable outfit bear gravity shows inadequacy a bit, accordingly, when consumer is used should discreet. " Luo Xin expresses, although man-made plank is out of shape not easily, but install undeserved, plank to get power not equal problem, can bring about furniture be out of shape, so, furniture buys a domestic hind, should read a manual carefully, the attention is not placed more than its bearing the article of force.
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