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Household adornment " 6 word classics " thin, thick, fully, leakage, thin, knit
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On one: Chorion is a treasure, can feed can medicine

The ground decorates material: From occupy the space, angle consideration that reduces floor negative charge less, should be thinner better, for instance marble plank, as long as construction quality is high, do not appear; Phenomenon of “ hollow ” , so choose 6-8 millimeter thick OK. Curtain: Thin model the curtain is very popular. Its reason is high-level building curtilage beardless too the line of sight of apprehension alien; 2 it is sealing of aluminium alloy window very good, the curtain is given priority to with adornment, block wind to be complementary. The ceiling; With thin for the principle, can increase safety factor to occupy a space less at the same time.
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