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Children is hollow do not take candy
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Children is hollow do not take candy

Parents often love to buy candied, chocolate or fruit juice beverage to wait to children sweet the thing takes. Actually, eat carbohydrate food to kill much benefit to the body more to children little, be in especially hollow when the metabolic function with can affect their airframe normal more.

According to England famous physiologist breaths out the special subject of fourth doctor to consider to make clear, hollow when eat carbohydrate food can obstructive airframe is used to protein absorption. Because, candy can be united in wedlock with protein, changed the molecular structure with original protein, those who make protein get together candy material, the nutrient value that makes its original energetically bring down.

Foregone, protein is the fundamental material with indispensible place of human life activity, also be the main component of human body cell. Decrease or reduce human body to be opposite use proteinly, also affect children severely of course people the growth with normal body development.

So, medicine and physiologists think consistently, adult should prevent children as far as possible thing of hollow fruit taking candy.