About the general knowledge that a few computers use daily.
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Do computer maintenance to should have almost 4 years, made these time I feel issue of a lot of computer is a few super and dull can say even the problem that be is not a problem. Next I can explain through a few specific example computer operating system maintains the value of skill. The what that writes down so that just began to contact the computer I also whats do not understand, the operating system won't be installed, hardware breakdown won't be judged more, some things are he fumble slowly those who come out, have a plenty of masters to teach. The trouble that I emphasize the computer very much is mainer at 3 o'clock: The first, should knowing first is what breakdown, that is to say what is the symptom that the computer malfunctions, such ability give him manage a train of thought, wanting may be where to give an issue. The 2nd, know trouble the problem was in, how going solving do not need to consider above all, should go wanting how to can happen. Because want to stem fountainhead, is not still made a mistake every time, remove trouble every time. The 3rd, when you are solved completely without method the requirement is aided at other before, relevant breakdown data is searched on preexistence net, this is to you rise character, only one-way other people appeals is a wrong choice, because others is to be able to help you solve, but yourself got after solving, still do not understand how to be operated in the problem. Roughly for it is this at 3 o'clock, I still have a need to emphasize, a lot of problem can be solved by oneself, a few common sense, a few illegal operations, a few elementary error can find corresponding means of settlement. Computer knowledge is not not to understand to ask so unhurried. Reckon this article won't be too short, if do not have,interest need not look downward again. Cite a few case next: I remember my master and me saying to consider very humorous issue now, be such, he goes debugging a machine in home of a client, because that client is to just begin to use computer, should for to computer be utterly ignorant. Debug after ending, my master asks that client (that client is an aunt) : How to know to close machine? Aunt very of assume sth as a matter of course say: Knew of course. Then the situation with bell of pilfer of as sudden as lightning the power source of wiring board was shut. This is a real issue, I want to tell everybody only, a lot of everybody are early cognitive thing is not it is correct, computer is not home appliance, cannot operate computer like operating home appliance. Otherwise your computer will be in short-term in die. Once I receive a newspaper to write a telephone call, because we need 3 years in dog service, once the client had a problem to be able to call,so the newspaper is repaired, the meaning that says in the phone is the virus in computer, when switching on the mobile phone the disembarkation of QQ casing always can be played come flick away, a little while the biggest change, a little while the smallest change. I hear a telephone call, feel the seriousness of a got-up affair, has not been QQ landed send nerve? ! That is returned Oh, my then beloved on the belt software is wrapped, in the home that is toing step on my small bicycle hurries to a client, reach his home, left machine it is the condition that he describes as expected, QQ lands casing to resemble like sending nerve, ignore big ignore small (the smallest change, the biggest change) . At that time in the heart jump continuously, wanting to encounter adversary, this virus not simple. Demur did not say, open CD driver to plan reshipment system. See there is an insurance film on clavier suddenly, estimation is a client of to be afraid that a clavier is flyblown superpose, have insurance film sure have the thing that prevents to fall off, look carefully, as expected clavier both sides is binding insurance film to be secured forcibly with elastic go up in clavier, additionally I discovered make QQ lands casing to send nerval main reason, it is the ENTER key that is pressed on small keyboard because of an elastic. Pardonable, find a reason, not bad I do not have reshipment. This also is a lesson to me, must careful! ! !
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