Computer maintains common sense daily
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(1) environment

The environment cannot be ignored to computer life influence. The working temperature of computer ideal should be in ℃ of 10 ℃ ~35, the life of fittings of influence of too tall or too low metropolis (when the condition is permitted, computer room must install air conditioning) ; Relative humidity should be % of 30 % ~80, too tall meeting affects the function play of fittings, cause the short circuit of a few fittings even. For example when weather is relatively damp, had better use computer everyday or make computer electrify period of time. The frequency that somebody thinks to use computer little or use time is short, can prolong computer life, this is one-sided point of view. Contrary, computer is long need not, as a result of the reason of moisture or dirt, can cause the damage of fittings. Of course, if weather moisture arrived the utmost, for instance monitor or box surface have lunt, cannot give a machine electrify absolutely at this moment. Humidity is too low easy generation is electrostatic, likewise right the use of fittings is adverse. Additional, content of the dirt in air is bigger also to computer influence. Dirt is too old, the circuit that after a considerable period of time can corrode each fittings board. Content is too small, can arise again electrostatic. So, computer room had better have take wet machine and dust collector.

Computer also has a demand to power source. The limits with normal alternating current should be in 220V earth 10 % , frequency limits is 50Hz earth 5 % , and have good ground connection system. Below probable condition, use UPS will protect computer, make computer can continue to run period of time when town report is interrupted.

(2) uses a convention

Individual use habit is very old also to the influence of computer. It is to want normal switch chance above all. The order that switch on the mobile phone is, open peripheral first (wait like printer, scanner) power source; Monitor power source is not linked together with lead plane power source, open monitor power source first even, next power source of reopen lead plane. Involve engine order contrary, shut lead plane power source first, shut peripheral power source again. Its truth is, the harm that reduces pair of lead plane as far as possible, because be below the circumstance of lead plane electrify, shut the instant of peripheral, the impact that produces to lead plane is bigger. Pass the period of time after machine inside, cannot make the motion of mechanism machine often, because such impact to each fittings are very big, be opposite especially the injury of hard disk is more serious. Pass the time that the distance after machine switchs on the mobile phone the next time commonly, at least due 10 seconds. When should noticing to work when computer particularly, should avoid to undertake closing machine operation. If the machine is being read,close suddenly machine, driver of probable meeting attaint (the) such as hard disk, soft drive; Cannot move a machine when the machine works more. Of course, although the machine did not work when, also answer to avoid to move a machine as far as possible, because cross big oscillatory conference,to hard disk a kind fittings causes damage. Additional, close all sequences must be shut first when machine, exit by normal order again, damage likely otherwise applied process.
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