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Undefined undefined inserts Undefined undefined of advertisement JS code to the computer user of experience has such experience, a PC is changed through the format, when the system on new clothes, rate is very rapid, but use period of time, function can have apparent fall, this increases with the software in the system admittedly, bear greatens relative. But the problem is, adding new software is not the only reason that causes systematic bear to increase, for instance the addition of hard disk fragment, software deletes the no use that leave to register a document, bring about systematic performance likely to drop. Actually, want us to undertake be maintenanced reasonably to computer system at any time only, can make PC moves with first-rate condition forever.

Clear piece 

Above all, installation prevents virus software. The network is in you are brought convenient while, also be in bring you the harm. Download new software when you, new drive or patch program, when downloading correspondence even, virus also comes down stealthily in the conceal in a certain corner of your computer, the system that allows you is not to move slower and slower, namely often indescribable dead machine, more serious is, CIH virus can be invaded advocate board BIOS, cause computer to appear all sorts of abnormal phenomena, preventing virus software so is the main tool with computer indispensable system. The relatively popular prevents virus software to have Dr Sdomon Anti on eye preexistence bound - the VirusScan of Virus, McAfee, with the Norton Antivirus of Symantic, principle of work of these a few software is identical, start in the system namely hind or the scanning after receiving an order is whole hard disk or halfway hard disk, discover virus immediateness is cleared. They still can get online in you when, undertake be updatinged automatically, this bit is very important, always be in because of virus ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, if be updated not in time,kill poisonous software, how to still protect computer?

Next, clear disk fragment. After hard disk uses period of time, the space that can store already became discontinuous on physics. Use a program when installation, or when saving large file, data is to be divided into a lot of fragments normally, in stocking the area with discontinuous hard disk. The fragment in hard disk is increasing, the file also distributings more and more dispersedly. So run a certain program again when you, when opening a certain file, can discover the machine is so slow that the machine your person bears hard. So, want to undertake to the machine periodic disk fragment clears, it is those file fragments by order afresh namely on disk space seriate, after clearing every time, your metropolis discovery runs large application program, the rate that opens large picture or file is much rapidder. Win9x was taken oneself " Disk Defregment' magnetism piece the fragment trims a program, in " begin / program / accessory / systematic tool " issue you to be able to find this. It works well, just rate is too slow, the Speed Disk in Norton package, also be a pretty good disk fragment trim a program, it not only rate is rapid (the half the time that trims the hard disk of 1GB to need Disk Defagment only) , and the front that it often can need you to be put in disk with the document that reach (speed can promote greatly) , the file that changes those often puts hard disk from the back emptier locally, in order to reduce fractional generation.
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