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Hardware piece
(Dustproof, prevent high temperature, antimagnetic, moistureproof, antistatic, shock-proof)
Computer should put the room with neat park, avoid dirt too much cause undesirable effect to each computer fittings; Reservation answers to come loose enoughly all round computer hot space, do not pile up sundry; During computer works, do not smoke, aerosol also cannot be looked down upon to the attaint of computer; There is not powerful magnetic field all round computer, sound box is not put around monitor as far as possible, also do not want disk, credit card and meal card to wait put in stop to be magnetized in case above sound box; Do not place a teacup on computer desk, more not its over park lead plane, monitor, clavier, computer most fear water, do not believe you to ask it, ah; Lead plane case is not carried in computer work or make its are shaken, basically cannot bring to hard disk shake; If computer is long-term do not use, should dump, but should open accident to go regularly, drive the humidity inside its. Additional, a bit more important, it is we should give computer do cleanness regularly.
Monitor can say is computer the most important also be the most expensive fittings, also be the is washed out the latest product in component of composition of a PC at the same time, appear more important to its maintenance.
1. If your video screen is not belonged to,touch screen the sort of, do not touch video screen with the hand, because there are a lot of things that you do not know to be able to be opposite on your hand,screen is caused damage, for example electrostatic, the computer can be in in use process the electrostatic charge with accumulative and many surface of yuan of parts of an apparatus. The most typical is monitor touch indication screen after use with the hand, can produce acuteness electrostatic discharge phenomenon, electrostatic discharge may damage monitor, especially flimsy LCD. E.g. grease, present CRT screen appearance general Tu Youfang's strong light, antistatic AGAS(Anti-GlareAnti-Static) coating, prevent reflection, antistatic ARAS(Anti-ReflectionAnti-Static) coating, and the coating that the grease on your hand can destroy monitor surface. I still want to say here, when cleaning CRT video screen, cannot use alcohol, because alcohol will be deliquescent this special coating, had better use flannelette or mop lens paper will insert wash screen, had better not use common paper towel.
2. The thing that will not have strong magnetic field (for instance sound box) near park monitor, but the meeting with inevitable monitor gets the interference of all sorts of electromagnetic wave, so general monitor has degauss function, we should be fixed (for instance a month) undertake degauss to monitor, but the attention does not want to use this function repeatedly with one moment.
3. Not will sundry over park monitor, for instance teacup, clog, smooth dish, mobile phone is waited a moment, not monitor crust medicinal powder hot aperture stems.
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