Reclaim the use of the station
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Reclaim the station is a special folder actually, the file that computer deletes us puts here. It is just like the wastebasket that we use at ordinary times, we toss trashy waste paper to wastebasket inside.

We are doubleclicked with the mouse reclaim station, the file that a moment ago deleted is inside, if we want to restore it, want pitch on only it, click mouse right key next, can appear a menu, move the mouse " reductive " on, click Zun Jian again, be returned by the file of pitch on the place before be being deleted went.

Because the file is put,reclaim when standing, computer just is above it make a number that is deleted just, not be keep clear of the file completely really.

But the file that is deleted so still can take up hard disk space, so, if we want to delete the file thoroughly, still need to do a thing: Namely " clear sky reclaims station " .

Reclaim the file inside the station still can take up hard disk space, should fixed " clear sky reclaims station " .

Click on the desktop " reclaim station " icon, click resource management next implement above " file " menu, choose from which again " clear sky reclaims station " . Whether is systematic clew deleted really, click again " be " . This file can be done not have really.

It is very easy that the thing that seems to be thrown in wastebasket should search, but if wastebasket was poured, the thing also searched not to come back again. So again " clear sky reclaims station " when must take care. Want not to delete those important files at ordinary times only, for instance C dish the file below root catalog, and the file in Windows catalog and catalog. Have in these files a lot of it is the indispensible file when computer is started and moving, if delete, computer cannot work normally.

Attention: When holding, c dish the file that root catalog counteracts Windows catalog is not deleted easily. Still have, it is to did not reclaim on floppy disk of the station, that is to say, the file on floppy disk was deleted, cannot restore.