Public email is safe
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Need of a lot of moment is in people such as Internet bar, school is public computer room, unit public receive send email, because other person has an opportunity to contact you to receive the machine that sends email, such email are peeked very easily by others, the likelihood has your very important a few information inside these mail.

We are so special the note that offers public email security, we are in public receive / sending email is to should notice:

If use email client to carry a program to send / receive email, be like Outlook, Foxmail, be sure to undertake adding to mailbox please close, otherwise others can be examined directly you are received and send the email that go out, these mail involve the likelihood your individual privacy, even if do not involve individual privacy, somebody examines your correspondence, after all is a grouchy thing. Or you are consulting delete mail thoroughly directly after mail, attention, it is to be deleted thoroughly, also should keep clear of to be deleted from inside dustbin namely mail, such people just consult the mail that is less than you.

If your email serves a provider to offer Web way,receive / send email, we recommend you strongly to use this kind of means to handle email in communal computer room, because communal computer room often is in environment of a local area network, use client carries a program to receive / send email very the capacity is intercepted and capture by others the password that data is wrapped and obtains you. And Web is different, its data wraps not be simple text.

Receive below Web means / after sending email, before you shut the computer to leave, delete Cache of browser cache file without fail please, otherwise, people can examine the correspondence content that you browse with Web browser through calling the cache of the browser.