How healthy use computer
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The lower part of line of sight of central park level that putting computer optimal position is a fluorescent screen arranges 20 degrees place, be apart from from the eye with 36, 41 centimeters advisable, cannot too close.

Glance to avoid fluorescent screen and unsharpness, computer should be not placed be opposite of the window or rear, should avoid as far as possible or reduce the light of the blindfold on fluorescent screen.

Do not operate computer in darkness, because eyeball of cross-eye of black and white contrast has,damage.

The place that take should as far as possible comfortable, possible sentence, answer to use the chair that can adjust as far as possible.

The person that wears glasses, ought to match a pair of glasses that uses before computer. If be double smooth glasses, should change scorch to be apart from lens, assure to be able to read the content that shows on clear fluorescent screen in different distance thereby.

The operation with good nurturance is used to, the position of clavier, the position of monitor, want to be coordinated with the place that take, the pose when the operation should sit, do not bow operation, not clingy computer is operated.

Using computer one hour or so, should make the eye is loosened, cannot use computer for long, best can have a few medicines and chemical reagents that shield an eye, use when feeling the eye is afflictive.

When use computer, do not want frequent switch chance, this meeting is right the monitor of computer, the equipment such as hard disk is caused damage, influence service life, closing commonly machine machine of the reopen after 30 seconds.

Want to put computer in safe place, do not put in the place that easy knock against wears, especially hard disk, should notice water-vapor proof, antistatic, prevent collision, prevent shake.

After using period of time, want those who notice computer to maintain, if know hardware, can open box, undertake interior maintains.

Present CD driver already was become " bad news material " , outside dividing outfit software accordingly, little consumed drive sees VCD, because the format of VCD and software are different, and a lot of be quality difference and pilfer edition, use this for long to plant dish, can affect the service life of CD driver greatly.

When using hard disk for the first time, want a hard disk to need partition according to his, area of general and acquiescent system is C area, in this area, besides must outside systematic file, had better not put a document in disorder, want to deposit the file by the category, should execute a zone to partition special, c dish regard a system as special partition, unfavorable installation crosses much applied process, install a few pairs of systematic application processes with dish of more sensitive accord with only, wait like WinZip, large-scale software of the part if: Office, Photoshop, 3DMAX should install to software special partition, and game should be installed to game special partition, the profit that such doing is every divisional zone special, mutual the interference between can be decreased to least, be helpful for hard disk arrange, also reduced the hard disk space that takes up with file of the image when mothball portion system is divisional on the other hand, and the habit of the name that nurturance gives the legibility since the file, such is in when the file is much, can find very quickly.
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