Computer hardware is operated most avoid what
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Hard disk- - most avoid shakes

Carry the computer that takes hard disk to cannot carry them simply to a certain place, want to notice to prevent a few large quaky generation. Because hard disk is sophisticated machine, install in computer interior, patient degree finite. Shake greatly can let magnetic head component come up against dish piece on, cause hard disk to read the lacerate that keep a head dish the surface, such likelihoods damage disk face, the data that destroys existence hard disk potentially to go up (your painstaking effort oh! ) , more serious damage possibly still read keep a head, make hard disk cannot be used permanently.

So, we must read write a head to find a place for in dish place of safety, just can move next; In moved process must the movement is small; If plan to carry it with the car, at the back of had better put it in railroad car locally; If be to pass,mail, lap it well please rise.

Advocate board- - most avoid is electrostatic with deformation

Electrostatic may corrode is changed advocate board on BIOS chip and data, attaint all sorts of interface door circuit that are based on Mos transistor, they one bad, all " user " (insert in the board card above it or equipment) cannot be found each other, because their connection is,rely on circuit of set of chip of bus line, control, control to coordinate and come true.

So, should lap with soft, antistatic article as far as possible advocate board, when the attention feels it with the hand, want to feel conductor first, make on the hand electrostatic give off, take put down gently again gently.

Additional, advocate board be out of shape may make circuit board ruptures, component is sealing off, advocate board but the circuitry that go up is very close, ruptured you cannot be found at all. Because this is carried advocate board when do not let other article be put in as far as possible advocate board above, had better put its advocate board carry in the box that pack; Installing advocate board when, must be its smooth installation careful on box, not at the same time tall at the same time low; Inserting when showing card, sound card or other clip, notice must pressure moderate, balance Shi Li.

Memory- - most avoid exceeds frequency

Because memory and CPU are having direct connection, so memory is CPU is carried fast most scabrous bottleneck. Frequency is jumped over outside tall, working rate is rapidder also, in the meantime, because memory needs the job to be in of CPU identical outside below frequency, exceed frequency when CPU so when, whether memory is the same as outside frequency keeps consistent, it is the key of success exceeding frequency, the heaviest what if once make,exceed frequency,memory short of requires frequency, appear extremely easily Hei Bing, calorific even attaint.

CPU- - most avoid high temperature and tall voltage

Although CPU has young fan protection, but the quantity of heat that produces with voltaic addition as bad news also increases subsequently, make the temperature of CPU will rise subsequently thereby. High temperature makes inside line produces an electron easily migratory, bring about computer to often die machine, shorten the life of CPU, tall tension is more dangerous, very easy burn down your CPU.
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