Notebook computer uses medium little common sense
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Current, below the big trend that depreciates considerably in jotter, the friend that has also is shown increase by degrees trend. Additional, also have quite a few one part person begins to plan to acquire to oneself computer of a notebook. Because jotter constructs to differ with our common traditional PC, here we will introduce a few little common sense that use to everybody, hope to everybody the use henceforth is helped somewhat.

Jotter saves electric hang: Ba well thorn?

Everybody knows, the dominant position with opposite table the largest computer is in jotter to handle official bussiness at shift. Of course this also was to sacrifice many table machine character are changed. Because go out when cannot outside receive power source, jotter batteries became the power supply the sources of energy with only machine. If we want departure time to grow quite, cannot shut again this. A simple method shuts indication screen directly namely. Look simple, actually a lot of people want to be less than, although be the fatigue of raise one's hand only, but do n of OK however and managing major batteries so, a few new fund machines are designed even now add up to screen the function of automatic dormancy. Although apparently look be like close machine, want us to move only move a mouse to perhaps knock clavier, the working status before the machine can restore.

Go out demonstrate good helper: Does  measure Piao?

Now, a lot of jotter had the function that double head displays, allow LCD and outside receive monitor or different content shows on measuring projector, and two indication equipment can become independent to also can show identical content each other. Such we need not be affected advocate below the circumstance that monitor demonstrates, search data through jotter LCD or edit documentation. Of IBM ThinkPad jotter " Fn " and " F3 " key cooperates to use can realize this one function. For the user that this has demonstrating to needing to often use notebook computer very practical.

Save file to disk quickly: F12

Picture small make up such crowd to have experience greatly, after should ending a series of jobs, need saves file to disk the file of each window. Use the word of notebook computer actually, do not have so troublesome. It is with IBM ThinkPad exemple, we can press at the same time " Fn " and " F12 " key, can come true to save file to disk quickly, still can withhold at the same time now at present window condition. And when after becoming, switching on the mobile phone, do not need to open each application process afresh, close the working status before machine to be able to get quickly resumptive.

The system breaks down not confused: Does handsome of Щ Zheng stew point to hang down δ ?

Current, when we buy notebook computer, random metropolis has a system to restore CD, everybody can not look down upon this piece dish. When our Benbenyin is virus or software breakdown breaks down, it is this action of Zhang Panfa wave when. Everybody thinks, general when our table PC system breaks down, it is the format is changed mostly, reshipment system, such already take time arduous. And differ, we need to if CD driver is started afresh,put CD only, can enter interface of a clew next, it is OK that we choose to cover an operating system afresh. Whole process is very speedy also, according to each manufacturer the setting differs, general jotter is controlled 20 minutes can do calm.
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