Protect clean knowledge
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Alleged home Ju Baojie is to show through professional Bao Jie personnel uses clean equipment, tool and drug, wait for place to undertake sweeping Bao Jie to bedroom inland face, metope, ceiling, balcony, kitchen, toilet: Window of face each other, glass, kitchen is provided, clean is provided, the furniture processing that has specific aim, in order to achieve the goal that antiseptic and environmental cleanness, anticorrosive, article maintains.

Property protects clean is to point to pair of unit sex estate, the cleanness of permanent building and maintain. Begin regular the purpose of property Bao Jie is: Be issued in the premise that is not damaged bad by clean article, regain perfect position, lengthen its to use a function, add service life, implementation content is worth somewhat or appreciation.

Nowadays property manages company oneself not to expand the business that protect clean, give professional Bao Jie the company package of the business that protect clean however, this kind of tendency is in have one major proportion at present, protect clean company consequently be able to rapidder development.

The basic service content that protects clean company at present includes: The wall outside Lou Yu / wall of glass, act is cleaned, carpet is cleaned, floor / the ground is cleaned, wax polishing, air conditioning / mechanical equipment moves maintain etc.

On the character that serves in the company that protect clean, as specialization the aggravate of the level that rises to compete with the market, the service of the company that protect clean already was not impression of the people several years ago medium clean guerrilla, each companies that protect clean had normal office, had modern clean facility, had the member that pass the Bao Jie that major grooms, he (she) people wear unified uniform, got people with normative service and decent conduct behavior approbate, in already making modern metropolitan living a indispensable. And the vocabulary that this is counting Bao Jie to still be understood not quite before New Year, also make the contemporary sign that people blurts out today.