7 action solve paint problem to let your life convenience
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Paint is the important one link in upholstery, appear easily a few a Gordian knots, let a person be at a loss what to do. Want to find out the real reason of problem happening only actually, suit the remedy to the case, have satisfactory result not hard, be aimed at the problem of paint easy generation namely below, offer settlement way, let you indoors when decorate can more handy.
  paint flakes
  may be the cause with too slick surface. If former coating is glazed lacquer or of opaque (add the lubricious oar coating without processing) , the paint that goes up newly is stuck in the surface not firm. May can be timber degenerates or the metal has rusty spot, because paint,also have quality is bad and those who flake.
The paint of   small area flakes, can use burnish of fine sand paper first, wipe next on be bored with child, brush on priming paint, go up afresh again lacquer. Of large area flake must raze of Qi Quan ministry, recoat is brushed.
  paint is bubbly
  above all, bubble thorn is defeated, if water appears, show lacquer layer namely next or have humidity infiltration rear, classics sun is basked in, moisture evaporates steam, can carry coat of paint on the head have bubble. Right now, use the paint with bubbly eliminate of sirocco spray gun first, make timber nature dry, brush next on priming paint, be in again finally whole repair lacquer goes up afresh on the face.
  is like the anhydrous in bubble, may be wooden grain craze, there are a few airs inside, classics sun is basked in, air expands, coat of paint is roused. Face this kind of situation, scrape first bubbly coat of paint, crackle of fill and level up of reoccupy colophony filling, go up afresh lacquer, or need not filling, in raze after coat of paint, direct Tu Shangwei aperture lacquer.
  occurrence crackle
Most of this kind of circumstance wants   after chemically divides lacquer agent or sirocco spray gun goes to Qi Chu, go up afresh again lacquer.
If   ruptures range is not big, can use sand milling piece or dry wet amphibious sand paper to touch water at this moment, the paint that abrasion ruptures, after exterior burnish is smooth, wipe on be bored with child, brush on priming paint, go up afresh lacquer.
  paint flows drip
  paint is brushed too thickly, can cause namely stream drip. Can take the advantage of Qi Shang to did not work, open paintbrush with the brush, if lacquer already began desiccate, should wait for its are fully dry, with fine sand paper lacquer face burnish flowing, exterior clean down, rub-up of reoccupy wet cloth, go up afresh next outer lacquer, the attention is not brushed too thickly.
  blotch
The reason that   paints the surface produces blotch is very much. For example: The material that the moisture in emulsioni paint dissolves a wall to go up and rust gives lacquer side, the metope of brush of the velvet that use steel can produce rusty spot, dark leakage tubal ooze shows blotch to wait inside the wall. To prevent blotch, can brush a priming paint that contains aluminium powder first, if already appeared blotch, can handle emulsioni paint except decontamination spot first, after brushing a priming paint that contains aluminium powder, go up afresh again lacquer.
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