Daily cleanness maintains common sense
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1. The hall and corridor undertake cleanness at any time, early middle shift undertakes the ground turns this world hourly, pour cigarette ash, seat to arrange, armrest and platform wipe dirt, cleared carpet reachs the rubbish in other area. Evening shift makes comprehensive cleanness.

2. The guest uses elevator, early middle shift is swept 4 hours every, if discovery became dirty,sweep at any time, evening shift makes comprehensive cleanness.

3. The guest uses toilet, every 1-2 hour undertakes early middle shift arrange. The midnight after be being reached afternoon makes comprehensive cleanness each.

4. All dining-room and ballroom, daily basis is factual circumstance, undertake comprehensive cleanness maintains after business end.

5. Muti_function hall, daily cleanness one, when need but at any time clean.

6. Daily time sweeps periphery 2 times, other time maintains his at any time by periphery clerk neat.