Essence of life protects clean to serve program and standard
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One, Bao Jie of open up wasteland serves program and standard

(one) what use a tool:

Large aspiration is bibulous machine, muti_function moldboard of lever of tool of suit of the machine that brush the ground, glass, lengthen, ladder, pail, duster, marble, blow child, Tu Shui implement etc.

(2) what use drug:

Clear lotion of lotion of all-pervasive clear lotion, glass clear lotion, ceramic tile Qing Dynasty, pottery and porcelain, go brightening agent of clear lotion of agent of the glue agent, agent that remove stain, acidity cleaner, clean lavatory, stainless steel, stainless steel, family property.

(3) program of open up wasteland:

First open up wasteland is cleaner Cheng, because build bequeath of project middling regular meeting to issue a lot of rubbish bilge, all sorts of ground stone, bequeath of the meeting on wall enters the water glue of slop piece, paint, glass, water corrupt, rubiginous mark, these must be cleaned clean in job of open up wasteland, so it is the the most difficult, most complex, most the job of would you mind, the stand or fall of project of open up wasteland, affect the quality that keeps clean job in the future and class directly, do good open up wasteland to having quite significant demand so.

The program is as follows:

1, clear above all the spot stays decorate rubbish;

2, by go up to issue comprehensive aspiration;

3, brush glass: Wipe vitreous casing clean with towel first, reoccupy besmear water implement the vitreous aqueous solution after touching dilute, glass of even daub of from the top down, the besmirch that has bigotry keeps clear of clean with moldboard, after repeating above process again, use blow child from the top down is blown clean, with the water mark that leaves on casing of dry towel rub-up, the water mark on glass is wiped clean with machine skin.

4, toilet: Hold to by the principle that go up and lays, above all recognize toilet supports child material is qualitative, be PVC or it is aluminous of model board or coating, use different clean method to undertake cleanness character according to different capable person again; Use clean ball or be the wall that scrubbing brush cleans toilet, emphasize the aperture of ceramic tile, with ceramic tile apparently be soiled of dot of the glue mark of bequeath, coating, cement; With towel cleanness the clean of toilet is provided, with stainless steel Qing Dynasty lotion is aimed at all sorts of bibcock, pipe fitting to undertake cleanness; Undertake final cleanness to the ground with the machine that wash the ground, by its the horn side be the ground, wash what the corner that be less than has specific aim to divide to washing ground machine with clean ball and razor blade corrupt, purify cement be soiled; Finally, the examination is not had after omiting, reoccupy does towel to wipe the pipe fitting such as faucet.
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