Wall maintains common sense
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One, of horniness metope maintain

Of horniness wall stone and firm qualitative ground maintain differ somewhat, because serve as wall facing to grind little, basically be dirt, drip splash dirty, if be in the hall, basically be dirt, cleanness maintains the method is to obliterate everyday exterior float is grey, maintain with cleanness of water of fountain mist candle regularly, this candle water has clean effect already, can form transparent diaphragm in facing again, more convenient daily cleanness, be like the metope of manage toilet, answer to use alkalescent cleaner cleanness regularly, after washing, must wash with clear water clean, otherwise time grows, can make the surface loses luster.

2, of wallpaper metope maintain

The normal cleanness of metope of all wall paper is fixed undertake aspiration cleanness to metope, change cleaner suck a head can, daily discovery is special dirty mark wants seasonable erasure, the method is to be able to bear or endure water metope can be used dry swab, dry towel blot is used after washing can, to not be able to bear or endure water metope can be used dry swab, if can use rubber to wait to wipe or dip in with towel,fluid twists some of cleanness the graze after working, anyhow is to want seasonable eliminate bilge, otherwise one long meeting leaves time permanent spot mark.