The cleanness of carpet and maintain
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On one: Brandish laborious?

Carpet is the material end a kind of high-grade adornment shop, it is at present inside commerce, office, exhibition, living building extensive laid, be in contemporary hotel, office building according to statistic, carpet laid occupies the 60% above of gross area, those who see carpet use is extensive.

One, the utility of carpet and advantage

1, for indoor build solemn mood
2, beautiful with diversification
3, conduce to sound-absorbing and reduce clamour
4, offer for people step sufficient ground cozily
5, provide room of cleanness and secure job, living

2, the sort of carpet and characteristic

1, abb carpet: Belong to natural protein fiber, exterior burnish is downy, be full of flexibility.
1) physical function: Hygroscopic strong, stretch good, feel wrinkles cozily, not easily, relatively wear-resisting, but easy mildew easy eat by moth.
2) chemical function: Not acid-proof alkaline, encounter strong acid to be able to dissolve, relatively sensitive to oxidizer and reducer.
3) coloring function: Easily coloring, but easier also decolour.
4) differentiate a method (combustion law) ignite a bundle of fiber with fire: Have stink of hair silk flaming and the odd-come-short after combustion can twist with the hand pulverous.
2, carpet of fine black silk ribbon (polypropylene fine) : It is good to belong to chemical fiber, burnish. 1) physical function: Hygroscopic easy generation of poorer, conductivity difference is electrostatic with flyblow phenomenon. But have be able to bear or endure exceedingly goodly solar function and admirable mouldproof and moth-proofing etc be able to bear or endure bacterium ability.
2) chemical function: Good to the stability of chemical, acid-proof alkali resistance but encounter strong acid and hair of the meeting when temperature is higher is yellow; Relatively stable also to commonly used reducer; Do not suffer the effect of activator of general and organic dissolvent, grease, surface.
3) coloring function: Coloring is relatively difficult but not easy decolour, and colour and lustre is bright-coloured.
4) differentiate a method (combustion law) : The systole that receive ammunition leaves to still continue to burn after blaze, have black smoke, odd-come-short is loose and fragile spherule.
3, nylon carpet (polyamide fibber 66) chemical fiber, feel is poorer
1) physical function: Flexibility is good (better than abb) have tenacity intensity tall wear-resisting durable proportion is small be able to bear or endure mildew is able to bear or endure eat by moth, hygroscopic poorer, between wool of interpose Yu Yang and fine black silk ribbon, the sex that fight report is poor.
2) chemical function: Good to the stability of chemical, but can be destroyed by oxidizer, stabler to general organic dissolvent, won't be injured badly when dry-clean, many better than sex of abb alkali resistance, rare acid does not send scathing fiber, chan Yunong acid will be deliquescent.
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