The bedroom maintains clean common sense
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Wipe furniture to should use graze of bombazine, soft cloth, do not use water to swab, should not use suds or buck more, what can affect furniture surface so is bright and clean degree, cause lacquer face to fall off even.

When boiled water cup irons a white spot mark on the lacquer face film in furniture, can iron mark with place to go of two kinds of methods.

(1) can use kerosene or dissolvent of alcohol toilet water wipes:

(2) dips in with cork juice extraction tea is wiped.

Furniture restores the simple and easy method of burnish: A few is joined to feed vinegar in hot water, dip in with soft cloth next acetic water is wiped gently. Polish of candle of glazing of furniture of the reoccupy after waiting for water to work completely can make its restore luster. Beautiful white furniture time grew, can become yellow, too not beautiful, if use toothpaste to wipe, can change somewhat. But when the operation cannot too forcibly, can injure paint film otherwise.

Keep clear of with milk furniture peculiar smell. Prevent the milk of a cup of boil buy to be in first furniture is in-house (ark hutch kind) , close cupboard door close, after waiting for milk to cool, take out, the original peculiar smell inside furniture can disappear.

What furniture is besmeared draw with crayon by the child is farfetched, how Where is cleared crayon trace? Want to touch toothpaste to be wiped slowly with soft cloth only, but purify. When cleaning furniture, several glycerine drip to be able to be cleaned neatlier in water.

Deposit small fragmentary drawer, clear special trouble, want every time one is taken out wipe. Actually, if you blindfold cleaner suction inlet with plastic window screening or gauze, next, extend directly into the aspiration in the drawer, can simplify greatly the process of loaded down with trivial details of above.