Go dirt, wet, rinse and cerated oil
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What need clean appliance
Remove dust with dry cloth
2 broom
3 pail (two)
4 cloth
5 polished oil (candle is oily)
6 cleaner
7 billboard

Clean measure and method
Want place appliance equipment is neat, examination apparatus is whole at the same time.
2 place billboard in conspicuous place.
3 go dirt: With dry cloth or broom, by arrive high low, slow and sort suitable hand type, have order dirt efface.
4 go when dirt, cannot not quite force command places dry cloth or broom. Of cloth brush after the face is dirty, take care to be folded again, if broom is stained with dirt, after keeping clear of, continue again.
5 indicate according to manufacturer label place, inside pail, in adding right amount cleaner clear water.
6 cloth in fluid of complete immerge cleanness, take out wring dry, after been fold, by go up to below, the surface that should clear place is wiped clean. Often cross cloth water.
7 rinse: The face that should wash in place with cloth is wiped on clean fluid, wipe bilge erase next, be in when necessary, fold cloth again and cross water.
After 8 wash clean, cross water with clear water, wipe the surface again dry.
9 waxing and polish: Will cerated surface is wiped clean, with clean dry cloth, get on oil of a few candle in cloth, wipe apparently make it dry.
10 work after appearing, come with dry cloth polish bright till.
11 jobs end, will all appliance closes neat, the replace after cleaning stores room.

Safe item
, the dishcloth that avoids use meeting to depilate as far as possible.
, the caution when the job, lest clean fluid sprays,arrive other furniture.
, when waxing is oily, cannot direct gush is in apparently.

Appliance maintains
, clean of wash of will all dishcloth, air.
, clean pail, wipe the handstand after working to store.