Instruct you 4 court: The toilet that lets you is balmy 4 excessive
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The toilet of ordinary other people, if a little carelessly, can have a peculiar smell, this makes not only housewife carries before the guest do not start, and the mood to oneself also is one kind is destroyed. So, having the toilet with a dry and 4 excessive, relaxed scent is crucial, it can affect your mood of a day. The peculiar smell with inherent toilet very let poll ache. But want in a way to move only change state of mind, a few little article in daily life, vegetable fruit even flavor enhancement can help your beautification, aromatic toilet.

One, buy two jar that oneself like, in inserting dry flower bottle, put in toilet, every other drips for some time a few perfume can. If the condition allows, it is better to put a flower.

2, lemon is best deodorant, will bright lemon cuts an account, dry hind toilet of the park in putting containers esp. for use in the house, OK and mouldproof divide peculiar smell. The attention is not immediate will citric piece put in surface of pottery and porcelain, lest print is not easy cleared.

3, all sorts of flavoring also are right deodorant, aniseed, chili, sweet leaf, cassia bark not only can v is superior delicate, also can send out go out to fragrance delightfully.

4, greenery and fruit are the best agent that divide flavour. The pear that be like ocean, cantaloup, small pumpkin, put them on closestool cistern, already environmental protection is good-looking, fragrance natural. Notable is, act as to be not washed except the melon and fruit of flavour agent, can wipe with dry cloth when need, bathe allows easy cankered metamorphism.